Bald Black Girl(s)

Bald Black Girl(s) is a multidisciplinary project which centres the experiences of bald  and low shaven Black women in the UK. It leans into conversations and themes around women choosing to shave their heads including: perceptions of masculinity, femininity and androgyny; barbershop dynamics as a woman; explorations of sexuality and more. The project culmination thus far has been an exhibition showcasing photography and a poetry film; a workshop and a live performance night. Exhibitions and events were held at Free Word Centre, Unit 5 Gallery & Roundhouse (London, 2019) and will be held at Ort Gallery, Birmingham in September 2020. 

The film screening panel discussion held at Free Word can be heard here

View to know about some of the inspirations for the project via the BBC

Watch Reign, the poetry film from the project via DAZED Beauty

See below some of the photo series from the exhibition and documentation from associated events. The final 4 images are by Wasi Daniju from the Curators in Conversation event at Unit 5 Gallery.

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